Not often someone says what they mean when they say “I’m fine“, struggles are a part of growing, blooming into success. You’ve been through more than the most of us, not less, not equal but in your own way when words don’t even suffice how you feel. You end up feeling worthless, insignificant, broken, empty etc and you question your being and purpose; when things don’t make sense.

Do you ever feel numb and empty? Emotionally? Mentally? So much that it physically hurts in your chest? Psychologically speaking, it’s an incompetence to click or to connect with people, In severe chronic cases of such feelings often lead to depression, anxiety, schizophrenia, anhedonia (losing interest in activities that used to be enjoyable) etc.  But why do you feel empty? Why are you mentally and emotionally tired? It’s because you’re lacking something or someone(for some people) it could be –
Lack of Purpose: what you wanna do in life, what you wanna achieve out of dreams and goals etc;
Lack of  Love: not being loved enough by yourself, self-neglecting yourself and not loving each and every part of yourself. Sometimes it happens so that you need someone to love yourself, someone who madly-truly-absolutely loves you for who and what you are, inside and out to make you realize you are worth more than those self-deprecation remarks which are most of the time exaggerated. But that doesn’t mean you set your bar low and settle for any Tom-Dick-Harry (add female equivalent names)  who show the slightest of the lovey-dovey traits.
There could be more causes than what I’ve mentioned, these are just the most common ones or what I’ve experienced.

Lastly, how the fuck  fudge can you overcome this feeling of constant despair, the white noise in the background?
• Reach out to a trustworthy friend, or a close family member or relative.
• Try therapy, forget the stereotypes like “people who go to therapy are insane” *judgy eyes in the back* Trust me, therapy helps.  🙂 
• Surround yourself with people who love and support you. Jump in a pool of dogs who will  drool over you with love and happiness or cats, if you’re a cat person.  
• Make a journal of how you feel, jot down the reasons and think of how you can overcome them.
• Stay away from drugs and alcohol, especially when you feel lonely,empty and depressed  they somehow make their way to you and ruin you. C’mon you know better, DON’T DO IT. NOT WORTH IT.
• Meditate or workout – release stress and feel sore for few days but you’ll feel good.
• Try something new, explore, travel, take up new hobbies, take up poetry/writing, etc.
• Pamper and treat yourself. Take care of yourself, groom yourself. Go on dates with    yourself, travel solo, Netflix-and-chill with yourself yes you know what I mean 😉
• Work on yourself, build yourself up, focus on your ambitions and goals,each day work  harder to pursue them.

Thanks for reading. You made it till the end.  And before going take this *warm fuzzy bear hug* You’re beautiful, stay awesomeKeepinItMeraki

Inspired Tumblr-ish sketch