Anime Sketchbook: Ichigo Kurosaki (Bleach)

Throwback to an old sketch when I was still learning and recognizing my skills, so here’s my old sketch for old times’ sake because it’s muthafuckin ICHIGO

“It’s meaningless just to live, It’s meaningless just to fight. I want to win.” – Ichigo Kurosaki


Meraki? What’s that?

      Greetings,beautiful person! Welcome to my blog. Let me first introduce myself to you. I am Krithika and I click what catches my eye and I sketch pretty decent. This will be my photo journal alongside self-written haikus and short stories.
      Now coming to the real question,What the hell is Meraki (μεράκι) and what does it have to do with my blog?
      Well,everything we do and live for is Meraki, Meraki is omnipresent, It’s what makes us feel,makes us human. Meraki derives from Greek and it is the richest language in the history of the world; It is also Europe’s oldest language, with over 5 million words and 70 million word classes having existed for more than 4000 years, so as ancient as the language most of the words are lost in translation or you cannot really define something accurately. Meraki is one of those lost words now recently revived by I’m guessing hipsters and it isn’t really that untranslatable once you’ve experienced it or are experiencing it.
Modern Greeks often used this word Meraki, in simple words it means to do something you love and are passionate about and lose yourself in the process of your work or art because when you lose yourself you find yourself. Meraki can mean doing something from cooking to sketching to playing a sport to playing an instrument and so on ; It’s just doing something you give undivided attention to and is something you truly, absolutely love and enjoy. So this is all what my blog’s going to be about, doing what I love and enjoy the most and become a part of itself and maybe relate some of it with you. So yeah, I will soon be posting photos I’ve clicked and sketches I’ve made with self-written haikus and short stories. Follow this journey and stay updated. Cheers!